Monday, August 17, 2015

Vidyaarambh with Shankar Mahadevan, New Jersey 08/15/2015

It was a great pleasure for me to conduct the Vidyaarambh event with Shankar Mahadevan, for the Shankar Mahadevan Academy at New Jersey.

I am very thankful to Sridhar Ranganathan, Shankar Mahadevan, and the Shankar Mahadevan Academy for giving an opportunity to the students of the Sound of my Music school to showcase themselves to Shankar Mahadevan.  

And all the kids present there, new and old, had a lot of fun learning their first lesson from Shankar Mahadevan himself. Two thumbs waayyyy up!!!

Thanks to Academy of Creative Arts for being a part of this event, coming all the way from Boston.


  1. Awesome event, kids are excited and enthusiastic to learn more ...

  2. Thank you! That is what I was hoping for :-)

  3. It was a great opportunity for the Kids of Sound of My Music ( affiliate of SMA) to perform to the well known playback singer and composer Shankar Mahadevan. Kids from all 3 level performed their best. Shankar Mahadevan then did Vidyaarambhan (a hindu tradition where children are formally introduced to music, dance, languages, folk art etc) initiating and introducing the 7 notes of music to new and old students of Shankar Mahadevan Academy. It was a wonderful experience for the children, teacher and parents. It was also commendable, that he could take the time to meet with the kids, teacher and parents and posed for pictures with each kid and their family respectively.