Friday, April 11, 2014

Holi Celebrations 2014

On Mar 29, for the Holi Celebration at the local India Center here in Westchester NY, my students were asked to perform one song. 

The students did a quick turnaround of the song Bande Hain Hum Uske from the movie Dhoom 3. I mainly picked that song because of the lyrics of the song and the melody. It is sung so beautifully by Shivam Mahadevan and Anish Sharma.

Here is the video for the same. The kids are getting very comfortable handling new Hindi songs, given that they do not speak Hindi. Diction is something, apart from being comfortable on stage, is something we are still working on. More work to do. 

Check out the video - Bande Hain Hum Uske from Dhoom 3, music by Pritam Chakraborty

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